Dale Snow



Dale began his career in water transfer in approx. 2000 where he worked for H20 transfer services as head of field operations until 2008 then began working for SweetH2O Transfer Services which in turn led to working for Select Energy Services from 2010 to 2013 as Regional Water Transfer Manager. 


Dale is considered a pioneer in the Water Transfer business where he earned an impeccable reputation 

for his extensive knowledge in Water Transfer and his ability to deliver great service. 

Donnie Fenoglio



Donnie is the Son of Donald Ray Fenoglio who was the owner of H20 Transfer Services which began operations in early 2000 in the Barnett Shale. 


Donnie Started H20 fastline services in 2005 where he focused on the smaller diameter piping 

Lower volume transfers in which he also provides today in Quality Transfer Services. 


Donnie has been involved with all faucets of the Water Transfer Business since early 2000 and brings a great deal of Experience to the ownership - management Team.